Black Mirror S02E01

Be Right Back tells the story of a couple, Martha and Ash. He dies, she misses him, we find out he got her pregnant before he started pushing daisies. She misses him so much that she starts talking to this app who has access to Ash’s on-line history. The app is so cool, that it can replicate his voice from all the on-line videos that are of him. Later the whole story goes to another level, but I won’t spoil it for you who reads this.Black Mirror

The first season of this show was pretty impressive. I heard that Robert Downey Jr. bought the rights for the third episode, The Entire History of You, to probably make a film out of it. This episode right here has the same capabilities, if not even more. I am really pleased with the complexity of the stories and the way every episode asks a lot of questions about it’s premise.

That’s it. Just watch the show and make up your mind about it.


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