Black Mirror S01E03

This is quite an interesting sci-fi concept here. Having a bean-like thing installed behind your ear which would help you remember everything. It records what you see, stores it up and you can rewind through your memories like when you record a show from TV.

The sex scene was quite interesting and it proved a bit of thought about what people might do if they had such a bean in their heads. And the jealousy that follows. As it turns out, the bean thing actually helps the plot move into a direction it couldn’t have if not for it. This is why I actually think the writer of this episode, Jesse Armstrong (head writer for The Thick of It and Peep Show), did a really good job with it all. It reinforces the idea that comedy writers have some really tough drama scripts in them. The episode is called The Entire History of You.

The series overall was quite interesting, gave me a huge craving for wanting to watch The Twilight Zone, both editions, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. I feel a bit cheated as it has only three episodes, but that usually happens with British series. They are lazier or one might say more concentrated.


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