Bron/Broen S01E01-02

I started to watch this after it was recommended to me as being some transition of the Nordic cinema onto TV. After the first episode I wasn’t impressed with the story, the cinematography was fine (but I have to admit that the way the Danish and the Swedes build their houses and cities is very composition-friendly).

Only after the first 3 episodes was I able to make a decision about what was so special about this series. It’s a buddy-cop Crime – Mystery – Thriller series about a Dane and a Swede police officers who try to catch this guy who kills people to prove a point, much like Kevin Spacey tried in Se7en (1995). The Americans, namely FX, have already bought the right to remake it.

There are two main things that are worth noting about this series. One is the apparent intricacy of the killer’s plan, which took more that 3 years to develop, plan and execute. The other one is the relationship between the woman and the castrated Dane (as seen in the picture). The creators of the series try to set a positive image about people with autism, the woman, who goes by the name of Saga Norén, apparently having the Asperger syndrome (which is a funny name for a syndrome, sounds a bit like ass-burger, as implied by Danny DeVito in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). This gives her an unsteady and “special” personality with which Martin Rohde, the Dane, has to understand and put up with.

The series starts with a body on the  Øresund Bridge, which connects Copenhagen with Malmö, with half being on one side of the border and the other on the other. Moreover, they manage to find out that the body is made up out of two different people and that is when the thrilling part comes in.

What I don’t understand and believe is the fact that at any hour of the night the Swedish or Danish police are ready to intervene in any situation.

Besides the two, there is a lady and an old man in the hospital, a homeless lady and a guy with long hair (who apparently is somewhat connected to the lights being turned off the bridge) about whom I have no idea how they will be connected to the story, but I hope they will turn out to have a say because it would be stupid to make me care about them if they won’t turn out to be the killer or would die an agonizing death up to the end of the season.


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  1. Am intrat pe blogul tau, special ca sa intru pe contul tau de IMDB, special ca sa vad ce nota ai dat filmului “Dupa dealuri”.

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