American Masters – Carol Burnett: A Woman of Character

Amazing insight into what was known as one of the best physical comedians that happened to be women, Carol Burnett. Such an amazing person this documentary makes her up to be.

People like Betty White, Phyllis Diller, Carl Reiner, Tracey Ullman (the lady with the show where The Simpsons first started), Garry Shandling, Julie Andrews or even Peter Bogdanovich, take their turn into painting a picture of what was, and still is, the great  Carol Burnett and what she meant and how she was special in her own way. The fact that the people talking about her are so emotional  is a statement of her importance and significance.

She is quite famous and quite a legend, mostly because of her The Carol Burnett Show and her different way of doing comedy like no one else. She was the bad lady in  Annie (1982). She is made up to be just a comic, without cynicism or insults, but with just comedy to her mind, which is great too.

Such a great documentary made by PBS. Really happy to learn about people that were legends and still are but about whom I had just a bit of an idea. Actually American Masters taught me a great deal the past days. Really an amazing series about amazing American people.

This is a bit from the  The Carol Burnett Show,  so enjoy (she’s the lady in the sketch):


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