An Idiot Abroad S02E06

Kart is on the Route 66. He gets to sing in a Glee musical kind of thing and he gets to hug strangers and he does all of these while driving a Smart convertible. While driving the same car he searches for gold and meets some Amish people.

He gets into some really interesting and deep thoughts there at some point where he says that this is not his journey, he’s just on the road and the road was already there.

“If you’re living the dream how do you know you’re awake or if you’re asleep?”

“If you’re having bad dreams then you wake – Oh! Thank God for that.”

“You’re dream shouldn’t be better than your real life. Unless your a sloth. Because they’re asleep a lot longer.”

He gets to fly too.

Karl is a great, lovely and sweet little man. It’s so nice to see him go places and listen to him moan.


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