An Idiot Abroad s02e01

The second season from the guy with the head like a fucking orange.

In this episode here he goes to Vanuatu to spend a night, alone, on a desert island. To me it seemed a bit forced and too much of a good thing. In the first season he did a few things which were funny and that was it, but now he did a lot of things and he was put to some challenges that were too much to swallow for one episode.

They were funny, don’t get me wrong, but too much. I really liked when he jumped but especially when Ricky called him and explained him that the jump that he did was like Stephen falling, because he is tall. He laughed at that, it was natural but it felt like a crack in the whole story of Karl being that dumb as he is set out to be.

Besides this it looks a bit mean, the things Ricky does to him, making him do all those things that he doesn’t want to do. Poor guy. This is an extra bit from this episode that wasn’t broadcasted and here you can see what i meant when i said that Ricky was mean to Karl. Clip.

But it was still funny, so i am glad this season started because i hope i will be in for some fun the following months.



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