The Colbert Report 2011 09 06-08

This was one hell of a comeback. It was kind of hard, because it sees like new writers or new ideas came to the writing board. Kind of serious subjects and points of view there at he beginning.

On the 6th, the first part, with the knowing the end of a story before reading the story was really philosophical and end of life-ish with the Word . Then Dr. Stephen T, Colbert DFA made another great part about health and health related aspects of life. Tim Pawlenty was surprisingly fun. Really interesting guy after all.

The seventh day of September brought us another wonderful episode from Mr. Colbert. The bit with Martin Luther King Jr.’s statue in Washington DC was really funny and thoughtful. The interview with Robin Wright was really interesting. They talked about the revolutions in the Arab world, a thing that is really important to understand.

Tom Brokaw is a legend in television and if you pay attention you might not hear Colbert intrerupting him while he is speaking taking the interview up to the very end of the show. Their discussion was personal and it made me thing a bit of what the 9/11 incident meant for those people as i was watching, as they, on TV that day. All in all, a really fine show.

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